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Your business should not advertise Memorial Day. That’s why

Should I promote Memorial Day? Jessie Healy, ex-military wife and social media expert, discusses what is appropriate and inappropriate during the annual three-day May weekend.

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It’s Memorial Day weekend. There will be picnics, pool reopenings, and lots of sales on things like mattresses. However, Memorial Day advertising is muffled and reflects badly on brands.

Is there a way your real estate business can take advantage of this holiday and the unofficial start of summer?

Yes, but think carefully about how you approach the holiday.

Memorial Day is a poignant reminder of the brave souls who sacrificed themselves for our freedom. As a military wife, I was honored to support my husband during his time in the US Army. Through this experience, I understood the meaning of this day for the families of our fallen heroes. It is a day of reflection, remembrance and gratitude, marked by ceremonies and personal honors throughout the country.

Respectfully recognizing

How can this solemn holiday be respectfully celebrated in a real estate business context?

Don’t think of it as a promo, but rather as a chance to make a name for the local community.

Real estate is more than just deals and real estate; it’s about building communities and creating a sense of belonging. That’s why the industry has the opportunity to celebrate this day in a way that strengthens ties to society and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

First, don’t wish “Happy Memorial Day” to anyone. Instead, express gratitude.

Does that mean no picnics or pool parties? Of course not. Memorial Day weekend is the first long, warm-weather holiday weekend of the year for nearly all of the United States. It’s okay to take advantage of this.

In fact, I think that enjoying life to the fullest is one of the best ways to honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes. I often recall the adage that one must live a life worthy of their sacrifice, and knowing many soldiers, I think that most of them would like those for whom they sacrificed to enjoy warm weather, picnics and pool parties.

Good PR is personal

Come this weekend the way you feel authentic. If there is a parade in your city, take part in it and connect with your community, remembering local fallen heroes.

All viewers respond best to what is real and true, so don’t fall for ads or gimmicks. Be honest about your feelings and what you express, and if you don’t know what to say, find someone who said it better and share his words often (with confidence, of course); less is still more.

If there is a veteran in your life who needs to be honored on Memorial Day and you feel touched, share their memory with others.

Important note: This is not a holiday to thank all veterans, and most living veterans feel very uncomfortable when they are thanked for their service on Memorial Day. Veterans Day, November 11, is a holiday when all veterans are thanked for their service.

Here are some ways to honor Remembrance Day:

Fly the American Flag Half Pole: If you have the American flag and flagpole in place, flying the flag halfway from sunrise to noon is a traditional way to honor the fallen. Be sure to check out the guidelines for proper flag etiquette. Organize or participate in a charity event. Consider organizing or attending an event to raise funds for a charity that supports Gold Star families or donate to one. This can be a great way to thank those who have served our country. Post Tribute on Social Media: Share the tribute on your social media accounts, acknowledging the sacrifices made by our military. It can be a simple thank you message or a longer post with photos and videos. Attend a Memorial Day Parade or Ceremony: Search for local events in your area and attend a Memorial Day Parade or Ceremony. This is a great way to support our military and connect with your community.

Remember, Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes. By celebrating this day with respect and gratitude, we can honor their memory and express appreciation for their service while continuing to enjoy the unofficial start of summer.

Just remember to save your wishes for a happy summer for later this week.

Jesse Healy is a freelance writer and social media manager specializing in real estate. Find her on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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