Leading AMR vendor, Robotize, unveils two new products at LogiMAT 23

The ideal entry-level autonomous mobile robot

The new GoPal E22 AMR supports payloads up to 500 kg/1100 lbs. and will be the smallest robot in the AMR Robotize line, which includes the GoPal E24 (1000 kg/2200 lb) and GoPal E24W/U24W (1200 kg/2640 lb).

Anders Pjetursson, CEO of Robotize, said: “We have received many requests for an updated entry-level AMR and we believe the GoPal E22 is the ideal starting point for manufacturers and warehouses looking to move into the future of automated pallet handling. Like the rest of our robots, GoPal E22 can be quickly deployed and scaled at a pace that suits the customer.”

Innovative mobile lifting station

The new mobile lifting station not only makes palletizing easy and safe, but also mobile. During palletizing, the design allows for easy and safe access to the pallet, and allows the pallet height to be continuously adjusted from 380mm/14.9″ to floor level, ensuring an optimal ergonomic working height at all times.

And, as the name suggests, the innovative design makes the lift station mobile, meaning it can be quickly moved to another part of the work floor – with or without a payload (max. 300 kg/660 lb).

Anders Pjetursson, CEO of Robotize, said: “We are thrilled to introduce this truly one of a kind mobile lifting station. There is currently nothing like it on the market. It’s an elegant solution at an attractive price.”

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