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In the lead-up to National BBQ Week, homeowners across the UK are getting their gardens ready for a summer of outdoor fun. From fire pits to summer kitchens and gazebos, it’s time to turn your garden into the perfect place to BBQ with friends.

To help you update your garden, keep reading to find out what are the top summer garden trends this year. On a budget? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with many different options, from budget DIY gardening items to more expensive options. And when you’re ready to get started, simply post a job and talk to a qualified person in your area.

1. Fire pits

People have gathered around fires for hundreds of thousands of years. With over 701.8 million views on TikTok, it’s no surprise, then, that bonfires are more popular than ever. Clearly, homeowners want an easy way to continue barbecuing after the sun goes down. And what better place to do that than a cozy outdoor fire pit?

With a fire, you can…

Keep warm. Let’s face it, we live in the UK. This means that even summer evenings can be chilly. An outdoor heater is a great way to keep your garden accessible all year round. Add comfy chairs and use the outdoor campfire as a warm place after hours to keep the party going late into the night! Get ready. Why not kill two birds with one stone? By purchasing a fire pit with built-in grill functions, you can cook and grill in one place. And if you don’t need it for a BBQ day, they are still very fun to roast marshmallows… Have fun. The fire pits in the garden are great for movie nights and outdoor dining. Set up a table nearby (or buy a campfire table that combines both) to place all the food and plates, then gather your guests around the fire. Want to watch a movie under the stars while warming yourself by the fire? All you need is a projector and you’ll be fine!

Fire pits are great for creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for gatherings. However, what you end up with will depend on your personal preference and your budget. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a handy table using the main criteria for campfires:

Fireplace type AffordableEasy to useEasy to cleanEasy to moveGood heat dissipationWood burner✔✔✖✖✔Gas✖✔✔✖✔Gel fuel✔✔✔✔✖Electricity✖✔✔✔✖Portable✔✔✔✔✔

Generally, wood fire pits and gel fuel fire pits are cheaper to buy in advance since you don’t have to spend extra money on electrical installations. However, then you will have to consider the cost of fuel, as you will have to periodically buy firewood or canisters of fuel for your pit. You may want to visit log shops and online sites to get an idea of ​​prices.

On the other hand, electric and gas fire pits are more expensive to install and often require a professional as you will need a gas line connection or other electrical components. If you need specialist help, talk to an experienced electrician or gas heating engineer to get started!

How to build a fire pit with minimal cost?

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy an outdoor fire pit, why not make your own? A regular fire pit is relatively easy and cheap to make, and can be a fun weekend project to stick in until the summer starts! You will need clay bricks (which cost less than £2 each!) and some cement, plus a few other things. Are you going to make a round fire pit or a square fire pit?

Image of an open fire pit with a burning fire

2. Summer kitchens

Simply put, few things can evoke the “wow factor” quite like summer kitchens do. Imagine that you are having a barbecue in your garden this summer and you have all the necessary kitchen utensils ready to use…

According to our 2023 Trend Report, outdoor cooking areas are in the top 20 homeowners planning to spend money on home improvements this year! No wonder they are so popular on TikTok, where they have been viewed over 285.8 million times.

Pictured is a summer kitchen with a table and chairs

Summer kitchens are definitely one of this year’s top trends, and they’re great if:

Outdoor fun is a priority ✔You want to add value to your home ✔You want to increase your home’s living space ✔

However, keep in mind that…

They are prone to stealing ✖ They can be difficult to maintain ✖ They can be expensive ✖

To learn more about summer kitchens and how much it costs to install them, visit our blog: Is it worth investing in summer kitchens?

Pictured is a summer kitchen with a dining area and a gazebo

How to build a summer kitchen at minimal cost?

To make your summer kitchen economical, why not build it around a brick barbecue? You can then buy a used countertop to put on top of the bricks… and voila! You have a kitchen.

To create a budget kitchen:

Buy smart: look for great deals in outlets and online stores, or buy used materials. Choose economical materials: Avoid expensive marble and stone and go for cheaper but durable alternatives. Get creative! Inexpensive decorations can really transform the look of your outdoor kitchen at relatively little cost. Use garlands, colorful potted plants, and other decorations to liven up your summer kitchen to suit your style.

If you are unsure of yourself, we recommend that you do not attempt to install plumbing or electrics yourself. Instead, talk to an experienced kitchen installer in your area:


3. Gazebos

Garden pergolas are popular. With over 523.4 million views on TikTok, they are definitely a big summer trend that can really transform your garden.

Picture of a garden gazebo with plants

Pergolas are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space and can be a real asset when it comes to hosting barbecues and garden parties. They can:

Act as an extension of your home, creating a more livable space. You can use this space as a dining area, place your summer kitchen there, or even put in some sofas to relax. Offer shade. Pergolas perfectly block direct sunlight, while at the same time passing a large amount of natural light through the slats. They also protect against excessive heat and rain, making them indispensable in a variety of situations. Make your garden more private. Just add a curtain or screen to your garden gazebo to block out neighbors and give yourself some privacy!

In many cases, they can also add value to your property and make an excellent support for climbing plants. Not to mention, they add visual appeal to your outdoor space, often looking incredibly modern and stylish. In other words, pergolas are great!

Picture of a pergola covered with a climbing plant

How to build a budget gazebo?

Are you thinking of building your own garden gazebo? DIY pergolas are relatively easy to build using online videos and don’t require many tools or materials. You can even purchase budget ready-made pergola kits that make the job even easier! Metal pergolas, wood pergolas, and aluminum pergolas are the most standard options, but wood may be the easiest (and cheapest) for you if you’re going to DIY.

Want someone to build for you? A local developer is ready to help, just click on the button below:


Are you ready for barbecue season?

Once your garden is ready for party season (you can hire a gardener here if you think your garden needs a little maintenance), you’ll need a good, sturdy barbecue to cook with. To impress your guests and keep everyone safe, be sure to follow these barbecue safety tips…

1. Remove Dead Plants – Remove dead plants, leaves, and cut trees near the barbecue area to reduce the risk of fire.

2. Keep the barbeque on a flat part of the garden – this should be a place where there are no potential hazards such as slippery leaves.

3. Keep your barbecue away from sheds and fences – make sure the barbecue isn’t too close to anything that could catch fire. While it’s not always possible to be several meters away, think carefully about the direction of the wind, especially if you’re barbecuing with an outdoor grill.

4. Take care of children and pets. While barbecuing is a great way to socialize in the summer, you need to make sure small children or excitable pets don’t get too close.

5. Keep your grill clean – It’s important that you take the time to thoroughly clean your grill. If you don’t clean the grill regularly, grease will build up, which can affect cooking and lead to a fire the next time you go to light the barbecue. It is also important to allow time after cooking for the barbecue to cool before storing it under a shed or shed.

Image of barbecue party in the garden

National BBQ Week is coming up. Fire pits, summer kitchens, and gazebos are just three ways to turn your garden into the perfect summer getaway, but there are plenty of great trends you can choose from. Always hire qualified people to help you with your projects so you can make sure everything goes according to plan.

There is only one question left to ask: is your garden ready for one of the best barbecues this summer?

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