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How can a tech recruiter help your business?

Companies are constantly looking for talented people to work in technology, especially in the post-pandemic days of corporate digital transformation. Skilled professionals in UX design or software and web development are not only vital to running a business, but critical to staying ahead of the competition. But how do you find employees with such specific skills when talent is limited and demand is high? This is where technical recruiting comes into play. In particular, tech recruiters can help you attract and hire employees with the tech talent your business needs to drive growth and innovation. What’s more, they take care of much of the hiring process, from interviewing to onboarding and training.

5 Ways to Help Tech Recruiters Find the Right Talent

1. Know your needs

How can a tech recruiter help you if you don’t know what your company’s needs are? In addition to knowing what technical position you want to fill, you should be able to specify what qualities or skills you want your candidates to have. For example, what type of industry experience is non-negotiable? It could be anything from data analysis to a new programming language. You can also meet with the development team to discuss new trends in the field and write a job description. The more specific you are about what you’re looking for, the better a tech recruiter will be able to do their job.

2. Create an attractive career page

Your company’s online presence is paramount when you’re in the process of hiring new talent. Currently, candidates tend to research the companies they come into contact with. So you don’t want them to search for a career page that doesn’t exist, or find a page that doesn’t mention any technical roles. Also, be sure to include content such as resources and articles from well-known technical experts on your website. Carefully building your organization’s image will result in candidates being more than apt to agree to an interview when approached by your technical recruiter.

3. Be present in the tech community

There is another way to help your tech recruiters identify and attract the best tech talent: establish your presence in the industry. As your business becomes known for hiring qualified technology professionals, more applicants will be encouraged to apply. This will create a larger pool of opportunities for your recruiters and ensure that your roster is filled with quality. So feel free to build professional communities on social media, attend networking events, or partner with universities of technology for internship programs.

4. Offer more benefits

As we have already mentioned, there is a high demand for technical talent and only a certain number of people are available to fill vacancies. As a result, in order to convince candidates to choose your company over competitors, you will have to offer competitive benefits. In addition to the pleasant work environment and flexible work options that most organizations enjoy, don’t forget to add higher compensation, bonuses, and training opportunities. Discuss with your tech recruiter what other benefits can attract new talent and how best to capitalize on them.

5. Create a personal recruiting experience

Finally, a great way to make your company’s hiring process stand out from the crowd is to make it personal. Advise your technical recruiter to stay in touch with candidates during the process. They could encourage them to come forward with any questions or concerns they might have. This approach will motivate candidates throughout the hiring process, which can sometimes be long and tedious. It will also create an emotional bond between them and your company early on, which will increase their chances of joining your team.

What are the benefits of technical recruiting?

Hiring advice

The experience and training of a technical recruiter are exactly the tools you need to hire the best people for your company. In particular, they will be able to give you advice on the must-have qualities of an ideal candidate, greatly narrowing the list of criteria and simplifying the hiring process. Tech recruiters also have access to a lot of insider information. For example, they will know what positions other companies are hiring for, as well as what they offer, so you can be more competitive.

Access to a wider network

The hiring and hiring process is based on connections, and who is better at networking than recruiters? By hiring or consulting with a technical recruiter, you can access this network and in turn find the right people to work for you and give you a competitive edge. You’ll also stay up to date on trends in the tech industry so you know how to help your existing tech team. In addition, it is very important that you remember to take care of the development of your current employees, even when hiring new ones.

Provide the best candidates

The most obvious benefit of working with you as a tech recruiter is a streamlined and more efficient candidate selection process. Recruiters are experts at matching employees to the ideal role, which also reduces the risk of high turnover. Moreover, their knowledge and advanced skills of flexibility and persuasion allow them to find the best candidates. You can also ask them any questions you may have. They know all about labor laws, industry trends and bring out hidden talents.


Technical recruiters are the people who will help you find the best candidates for your organization. However, to get the most out of working with them, you need to do some groundwork and make sure your hiring packages match what the candidates are looking for. The tips we shared in this article can make your recruiter’s life easier and speed up the hiring process in your organization.

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