Bob Myers may take a year off and stay with the Clippers

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

The future of Warriors general manager Bob Myers hangs in the balance as contract extension negotiations stalled. With no significant progress made in months, both Myers and the team are preparing for a possible split.

Although offers and counter-offers were exchanged earlier this year, no agreement was reached, so Myers is open to exploring other possibilities. Sources suggest that lucrative positions in private equity firms and roles in other professional sports leagues caught his attention. There is even speculation about a potential move into the media industry.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob made several offers for a contract extension, including the option for Myers to take time off if he so desired. However, Myers is still undecided about his future, so the negotiations are postponed indefinitely.

Myers’ contract uncertainty has fueled speculation, especially after the Warriors sent Mike Dunleavy Jr., vice president of basketball operations, as their representative to the recent 2023 draft lottery.

As the architect of a Warriors dynasty that has won four NBA championships in eight years, Myers is expected to receive a significant offer from any fan. Rumors about whether he would take a year off or potentially join another team, with the Clippers as a possible destination, grew through’s Jeri Woelfel.

The clock is ticking and the basketball world is looking forward to Myers’ decision as his contract expires this summer.

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