Battlefield 2042 Season 5 brings big changes to vehicles

Battlefield 2042 will soon be bringing major changes to some of the game’s most popular vehicles as part of the upcoming Season 5 New Dawn update.

Vehicle Completion is undergoing an overhaul with the release of the update on June 7th. The goal of the DICE developer is to make sure that the roles of the various vehicles are more clearly defined. One important way DICE is looking to do this is by removing explosive weapon options from some of the game’s most commonly used ground vehicles, including the LATV4 Recon. Despite the jeep’s role as a vehicle, it can currently be equipped with several types of explosive weapons. This will change in Season 5 and these weapons will be replaced with anti-personnel weapons.

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“While explosives have their place on the battlefield, they should be a strategic choice, not a default choice or an available option for all vehicles,” writes DICE in a blog post dedicated to the topic.

Other vehicles such as the M5C Bolte and EBAA Wildcat have also had their weaponry adjusted to better suit their specific missions. In the case of the Bolte, this means making it a more powerful hit-and-run machine, rather than one that sits in the back and fires explosives from afar. In the meantime, the Wildcat will be refined to better fulfill its intended role as an anti-aircraft vehicle.

Additional vehicle-related changes include gameplay improvements to jets to make them feel more responsive, the addition of thermal sights for vehicles, and the ability to split aim and turn for tanks. The ability to equip a cyber war defense system will also appear on all machines, previously it was only available for LATV4 Recon.

As with previous Seasonal Updates, Season 5 of Battlefield 2042 will also feature new weapons and gadgets for players to wreak havoc with. In this case, the XCE bolt-action rifle, the GEW-46 assault rifle, and the BFP .50 hand cannon. Players additionally receive three new types of grenades to play with, including the mini grenade, anti-tank grenade, and spring grenade. Unlike previous seasons, Season 5 will be the first season since launch to not feature a new player specialist.

A new map called Reclaimed is also coming with a new update where players fight for an abandoned factory restored by nature. While it won’t be available on the launch day and date of Season 5, a rework of one of the Battlefield 2042 launch cards, Hourglass, will arrive later in the season.

Battlefield 2042 has been slowly reinventing itself since its November 2021 launch, when the game was mired in technical issues and received negative player feedback for things like the game’s lack of voice chat or even a scoreboard. Since then, DICE has added scoreboards, redesigned most of the game’s starter maps, added new specialist characters, and even reintroduced the franchise’s well-known class system, which was not noticeable when the game launched.

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